Educational Goals

The University of Genoa's PhD in Digital Humanities highlights how the Humanities inherently intertwine and mix – within their own area of knowledge, and with technology. The training focusses on the connection of these branches of knowledge as an outcome of the new common language, and on the use of technologies applied to the case studies.

The Phd in Digital Humanities testifies to the collaborative nature of our subject matter: several Humanities and IT Departments of the University of Genoa work together in an environment  characterised by a combination of theoretical transdisciplinarity and digital praxis. The researchers being trained will be able not only to master dedicated IT tools for research in the Humanities, but also to give a new structure to their research subject through the technologies and the languages used in their communication.

Phd students will gain understanding of how to critically approach the new digital scenarios of contemporary world, as well as the IT skills required by the texts targeted by their personal research.


Career Opportunities and Professional Outlets

The PhD aims at training experts combining “humanities” skills and technological know-how to promote application of the former in such diverse areas as research, services, and enterprises. The envisaged professional outlets may be found in several different, expanding sectors. Amongst them, one may find:

  1. Organization/management on on-line training;
  2. Project design and development of digital applications for the fruition of cultural goods;
  3. Environment and tool design for on-line language teaching and learning;
  4. Computer-assisted restoration techniques;
  5. Design/management of on-line ICT services;
  6. Development and design for multimedia and multichannel publishing;
  7. Expert in educational games and robotics applied to learning processes;
  8. Expert in software localization and multilingual platforms;
  9. Social application designer for mobile devices;
  10. Flow and on-line social process analyst.

Teachers can also consider a PhD in Digital Humanities as a way of keeping abreast. Its educational-technological nature promotes school-faculty relationships and is a scientific benchmark for teachers. When coming back to class, teachers will enact and promote innovative practices.